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    Mar 27 th, 2012
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    The Effect of Google’s Panda Update on Article Marketing

    Earlier in 2011, Google launched the panda update which is intended to eliminate or minimize the influx of low quality content. One of Google’s main targets is farm sites and minor sites that publish poor quality content, but it also hit a lot of article directories in the process.

    This development has raised the concern of article marketers who were affected of the update because it had a big impact on the rankings of their articles. They have observed that their articles which used to appear in the top 10 pages of the search results have lost their rankings after the update.

    Although the panda update affected a number of article directories, it became a wake up call for them to implement stricter reviews before approving articles. They have to do this in order to win back the trust of Google for the benefit of their businesses.

    The panda update is not really made to put an end to article marketing as a traffic-generating tool. Google designed it to remind all content providers that quality content is still king in the World Wide Web.

    Here are some guidelines that can help to get your articles indexed despite the panda update:

    1. Write longer articles that are well-written, informative and useful.

    This means that your articles should be 100 percent original and they must be at least 500 words long.

    2. Avoid inserting blatant ads on your article body as Google considers it as spam.

    3. Focus on the quality of your articles. This requires you to put more emphasis on the information, structure, value and usefulness of your articles. These can help to put your articles on the relevant pages of the search engine results.

    With the panda update, quantity has taken a back seat to give quality the attention that it deserves from the search engines. It is one way to preserve the integrity of the World Wide Web as a source of reliable information.

    With stricter review policies in place, getting your article accepted by article directories is a good indication that it has passed the site’s standards of quality and originality. After your article is published you can be sure that it will get the attention and appropriate page ranking that it needs.

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