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    Oct 3 rd, 2011
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    The Downside of Updating Blogs Too Frequently

    It’s a fact that blogs need to be updated regularly in order to maintain its presence in the World Wide Web. But regular doesn’t mean updating your blog too frequently as it can have a negative impact on you. Besides, the success of a blog is a result of your unrelenting efforts over a long period of time.

    Trying to update a blog too frequently is an attempt to make a shortcut to get the needed traffic and a place in the first few pages of the search engine results, but this can lead to the following perils:

    1. You’re putting the pressure on yourself

    Trying to fill your blog with posts over a short period of time is a sacrifice on your part. Writing is not an easy task, and you have to spend your quality time and effort on it. Being too pushy with your website can take so much of your waking time and it can stress you out. The idea of working in the comfort of your own home can make you a prisoner in your own house if you won’t wait to make your blog take its normal course of getting the attention of search engines as well as its target audience.

    2. Quality not quantity is the one that counts

    Being in a hurry to post as many articles as you can over a short period makes you run low on energy and ideas. This gives you the tendency to produce low quality articles that may not even earn the interest of your target audience. Quality is very important in producing web content because it is one of the factors that build rapport with your readers. If you’re in a haste to keep up with your tight blog posting schedule, you may sacrifice the quality of your posts. Remember, the most apparent attribute of successful blogs is quality content.

    3. You risk losing your readers with poorly written articles

    Traffic and wide readership is the ultimate reward that any blog should receive, but you just can’t obtain it with hastily written blog postings which do not deliver value. Your readers deserve value and information for their time spent on your website. Your efforts and the stress you got for pushing yourself too hard might not give you the result you want because of the absence of quality and value that your readers are looking for. You should give quality your highest priority before you post any article. You should spend enough time researching, assembling your article and checking it in order to produce quality content.

    Updating blogs frequently is actually not prohibited in the internet business. But you must make sure that the content you produce is worth reading; otherwise, it would only be a waste of your time and effort because it does not serve its real purpose which is to attract readers.

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