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    Jul 18 th, 2012
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    The Dos of Video Creation

    The video has got the recognition and attention it deserves in the World Wide Web. It has now become one of the favorites of people who want to promote products, convey useful information, or to simply entertain.

    Many people are becoming enthusiastic about video creation, but lots of them especially the beginners have no idea where and how to start.

    For the purpose of giving information about videos, this article intends to let you know the “dos” of video creation. Here they are:

    1. Have good lighting.

    Lighting is important in the video creation business. It determines the quality of video images. Good lighting is necessary even for high quality cameras. Nothing can substitute good lighting as a requisite for the production of good videos images.

    2. Have good sound.

    Videos with poor sound quality get lesser views even if its images are fantastic. When creating videos, you should see to it that it is recorded with great sound quality otherwise viewers will click out of it and search other videos of similar content.

    3. Keep it short.

    Just like written articles, videos that are concise yet compact with information are the best. People’s times are valuable and limited and you need to show that you value your viewers’ time by producing crisp videos. Short videos also help to hold viewer interest.

    4. Keep the script focused.

    Avoid using unnecessary words in your narration. You should have a script or at least an outline of what you are to say to be able to communicate effectively.

    5. Produce videos that deliver what your audience desires.

    Online videos are intended for the entertainment, information and consumption of the audience. They are not made by the video producer for himself. As a video producer, you should realize what can satisfy your target audience and deliver it to them.

    6. Be bold.

    Being bold has its own rewards. As a video producer, you should be a trailblazer and not a follower. This simply means that you need to be creative in order to produce videos that capture attention.

    7. Be honest and fair.

    Videos are created with an intention to show what’s real and factual, unless they are intended for fictional work. You should create your videos with honesty and fairness especially if you are sharing educational, product or factual information.

    8. Be friendly and conversational.

    Most online videos are intended to provide a friendly, conversational atmosphere with their viewers. Videos that communicate in a friendly tone can easily attract attention because they help to put the viewer in a relaxed, confident mood.


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