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    Jul 19 th, 2012
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    The Don’ts of Video Creation

    This article intends to emphasize that video creation is a job that needs to meticulously done because they will surely go through the critical eyes of their own viewers. Knowing the “dos’ of video creation would not be complete if you do not know what not to do to avoid the negative consequences video production mistakes can do to your business.

    Here are the don’ts of video creation that you should strictly observe:

    1. Don’t be obsessed with perfection.

    Everyone aspires for perfection and nothing is better than a flawless, well-polished work, but unfortunately, it is hard to achieve, for perfection can only be a state of mind. Aspiring for good quality is okay, but you should not be obsessed with perfection because it will only frustrate you.

    2. Don’t justify your laziness.

    This refers to editing or rectifying minor flaws in your video. Some people tend to procrastinate in this area because the production stage is already past. You should not allow laziness to make you decide to do things later because chances are it will never be done.

    3. Don’t base your videos on your own needs.

    If you had placed yourself in the shoes of your audience before creating the video, creating it based on your own needs would be okay. But if you create videos to satisfy your own ego, chances are no one will like to view it. To create popular videos, you should base them on what your target audience needs. You are creating content for them and not for yourself.

    4. Don’t be shy.

    Don’t be scared to face that camera. Expose yourself and show your composure and confidence. Don’t be deterred by thoughts that your audience won’t like you. Well there would be some but not all. If you have to go ahead and produce that video of yourself, don’t let anything hold you back as it can affect your confidence. Lack of confidence is the one that people don’t like to see.

    5. Don’t assume that good equipment is a good substitute for skills and good technique.

    Even if you have the most advanced video production equipment, you can not produce quality videos with the skill and technique that comes from the person using them. As a video marketer, you need to equip yourself with video production techniques that can greatly help you in making quality, eye catching videos.

    6. Don’t take your audience for granted.

    Your audience is the primary reason why you are creating your videos. You should produce your videos with your audience in mind.


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