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    Jul 12 th, 2012
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    The Don’ts of Search Engine Optimization

    With the installation of the penguin and panda updates of Google’s search engine algorithm, it would be a prudent idea to observe the guidelines of the search engines.

    It is true that search engine operators don’t like people who manipulate search results with their manipulating strategies such as SEO. But it would be worthwhile to perform search engine optimization with search engines in mind. This is to ensure that your website is in constant harmony with them.

    Doing SEO tactics that are not pleasing in the eyes of search engines could mean penalties or getting banned from the search engines.

    To avoid this from happening to your website, you should know the don’ts of search engine optimization. Here they are:

    1. Don’t Spam

    You should avoid doing deceptive spamming tactics which include the use of hidden text, deliberate repetition of keywords, cloaking, link farms mirror and doorway pages.

    2. Don’t tinker with your meta tags.

    Your account manager provides your website with meta tags for a reason. You don’t have to change them to achieve your own purpose without informing your account manager. If you want to create your own meta tags, create your own meta tags with the help of the free Meta Tag Generator.

    3. Don’t make any changes to your site without the knowledge of your account manager.

    These include full website revisions such as site redesigns, full content revisions. This can have a negative impact on your search engine optimization efforts and it could possibly lower your rankings in the search engines.

    4. Don’t submit your site more than once per month.

    Search engines consider frequent website submission as a spamming tactic. There’s nothing more detestable to search engines than spam.

    5. Don’t change your main keywords.

    Your main keywords are established with extensive research and analysis, and they are a result of careful elimination process. Those keywords are chosen because the people who work to build your website believe that these words and phrases are the ones that can provide your site with best results. If you plan to change your keywords, you should seek the help and assistance of SEO experts.

    6. Don’t mention your keywords repetitively.

    Search engines consider the blatant repetition of keywords as a spamming technique. You can however distribute your keywords throughout your content, but you should see to it that they don’t create awkwardness to the message of any particular sentence where they are infused. Search engines are built especially to detect spam. Trying to fool them could result in your website getting penalized.

    These are the important things that you shouldn’t do in your search engine optimization. It is always good to play by the rules to avoid penalties and other negative consequences.


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