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    Aug 27 th, 2012
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    The Disadvantages of Excessive Use of Keywords

    The use of keywords is one of the most important elements of effective search engine optimization. It can help search engines lead people to your web page or web content, and it can help to maximize your visibility and exposure on the web.

    But there are times when the use of keywords can work against your main objectives of generating sales. Here are some of the disadvantages of the excessive use of keywords:

    1. You run the risk of boring your reader.

    If you put more emphasis on your keywords rather than the real substance of your content, you might be going too far because it can take your readers to boredom. You should write with your readers in mind. They are the ultimate consumers of your story and not search engines.

    You can only attract readers by loading your content with interesting information. Keywords do play a role in the visibility of your article. But you need to use them only once in your title, two or three times in the article body, and once in your text box.

    2. Keyword stuffing can lead to spamming.

    Giving focus on keyword density is becoming an obsolete approach these days. Search engines are getting high tech these days and they are now built to detect keywords without you having to mention them over and over again. If you overstuff your content with keywords, you are exposing your article to another risk. And that is prompting search engines to declare your content as spam.

    When you write articles, you should forget about keyword density. You need to focus on the information, quality and relevance of your content. With this, you will be surprised of the favor that search engines give to your articles.

    3. Keyword data don’t tell you what keywords readers are using at the present moment.

    Keyword research can help you to pick the most popular keywords, or the keywords or key phrases that the majority of people type in the search box to find information about your niche. But you should remember that the data you are looking at are historical. They are not telling you what words are being searched in the present moment or in the near future. Use keyword research as a basis for your plans and decisions, but you should also make use of your analytic mind. You also need to put yourself in the mind of your reader and try to discover what they want to know to determine the best keywords for your niche.


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