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    Aug 15 th, 2011
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    The Disadvantages of Blogging to an Organization

    Blogging started out as a popular online journal or diary of teenagers until corporate organizations realized that it is an effective marketing and business strategy.

    Through blogging, many businesses and organizations got a wider exposure which they could not have obtained by traditional means. But aside from the benefits that blogging brings to an organization, it also carries some negative factors which are not beneficial. Here are some of the drawbacks that blogging could potentially bring to an organization:

    1. Confidentiality versus free speech

    In blogosphere, there seems to be a thin line that divides a company’s trade secrets from the right to free speech. Dozens of cases involving companies firing or warning their workers for posting “inappropriate” blog entries have been recorded. A survey by a reputable e-mail security and outbound data loss prevention entity called Proofpoint Inc. revealed that more than 300 large companies in the U.S. were concerned of their blogs because it is a potential source of trouble for their companies.

    The blog is an easy way out for a company’s well-guarded trade secrets into the minds of its competitors. Their revelation by some careless employee can damage the company worth millions of potential revenue and lost sales.

    2. Revealing what you know can work against you

    In the corporate world, there are plenty of people whose knowledge and competitive advantage are the company’s “secret weapons” for its dominance in the market. A careless worker who reveals these secrets in his blog not only jeopardizes his company’s market share but also puts his own job at risk.

    3. Poorly thought of corporate blog entries can easily catch the attention of readers, the media and disgruntled investors. It has the potential to cause damage to your company’s business and reputation.

    4. Blogs require talent and time

    Blogs require talent because they reflect the corporate mind. The ideas have to be coherent to prevent the blog from getting disorganized. It requires time from the person who has something to say. An author who has plenty to say and the least time to write is prone to say it badly in the blog. It can create an impression of incompetence to the readers.

    5. Blogs can be abused

    Although corporate blogs are centered on the organization’s point of view, it also allows its author to enjoy his individuality. The individual rather than organization-focus of a corporate blog creates the possibility for some authors to cross the line that separates free speech from confidentiality. An author’s effort to be open and transparent can become a cause for the disclosure of confidential information in corporate blogs. Many employees were fired because of this.


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