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    Oct 27 th, 2011
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    The Different Types of Freelance Writing Careers

    Freelance writing has become a rewarding career since the establishment of the World Wide Web. It is a very flexible job that allows you to manage your own time as long as you can submit to your clients the agreed number of articles at an agreed time.

    If you have a knack for writing, you should know the different types of freelance writing careers which can help to give you a decent source of income. These freelance writing careers are:

    1. Ghostwriting

    This job involves writing for some one else on condition that they will take full ownership of your written articles. If you have a strong command of the English language and you have adept knowledge of spelling, you can be a good ghostwriter.

    2. Resume writers

    A lot of companies in the U.S. are engaged in resume writing services for individuals who want to make impressive resumes in order to find work more easily. These companies often outsource their projects to freelance writers.

    3. Content writers

    Content writers are writers who do research, writing, editing and publishing content on the web. In most cases, content writers are freelancers who provide content to certain websites under a specific contract with website owners. It is advantageous for content providers to have an excellent knowledge of English and grammar and a considerable background of SEO.

    4. Medical Writers

    Medical writers are technical writers who possess medical and pharmaceutical knowledge. They provide information about health-related topics and their written works usually appear in health and wellness websites, brochures and newsletters.

    5. Technical writers

    Technical writers write for software, technology and engineering companies and websites. Most technical writers have expert technical knowledge of the niche they are writing about.

    6. Copywriters

    Copywriters are writers who have the ability to produce articles or letters that sell. These authors have the ability to use compelling words that can convince their readers to buy their products.

    7. Catalog Writers

    Catalog writers are responsible for writing unique product descriptions for a variety of products, explaining their features, dimensions and prices.

    8. Bloggers

    Bloggers are independent writers who set up their own blogs and provide content for them as well. Blogs can help to drive traffic to a website by means of providing its contents with links which leads its readers to websites where products are sold.


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