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    Aug 24 th, 2011
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    The Difference between Article Writing and Copywriting

    Article marketing is an internet marketing tool that involves the posting of written articles on the web or submitting these to article syndication websites with the purpose of promoting a business, product or service.

    Article marketing is actually a form of online advertising that most businesses adopt to drive traffic to their websites and create revenue opportunities. It is classified into two types: i) article marketing and ii) copywriting. There are lots of differences between these two, but many web content providers fail to distinguish them.


    Copywriting is solely intended to promote a business, a person, an opinion or an idea. It is actually not limited to writing on the web alone because it also encompasses the use of print, television, radio and other media. But it is intended solely for promotional purposes and to generate sales.

    The job of a copywriter is to write advertising copies, sales copies, sales letters, commercial scripts, brochures, billboards or mass mailings. Copywriting is done everywhere and many people are doing it in their day-to-days lives, you may have even done it perhaps, but you aren’t just aware of it. In its simplest form, copywriting is actually using words to convince someone to buy a product.

    Copywriting is selling a product by stirring the prospect’s emotion.

    Journalists, reporters and content writers are not copywriters by profession, but with their related skills and knowledge, they have good potentials to become good copywriters.

    Article Writing

    Article writing on the other hand, is a form of article marketing that is intended to provide information to the reader. It does not actually intend to sell a product or service but it is rather used by businesses to address their readers’ concerns, solve their problems, give them instructions, or simply suggest inject an opinion.

    Article writing does not advertise or sell as opposed to copywriting, but it intends to sell information, an idea or a solution to its readers. It is aimed to provide an online personality to a website, to drive traffic, build a relationship, earn the trust and interact with its readers who are its customers or potential patrons.

    Now you have known the difference between copywriting and article marketing: Copywriting sells; article marketing informs.


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