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    Aug 27 th, 2012
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    The Best SEO Practices on the Web

    Search engine optimization is one of the basic requirements of an effective online marketing effort. The exposure of your web pages is an essential factor in determining the volume of traffic that your website can get. A website that is visible is one that occupies a good spot in the search results. Visibility is most often the product of effective SEO strategies.

    To keep your web pages visible to your target online audience, you need to provide content that is not only interesting, fresh, and informative; they should be optimized for the search engines to make them land at prominent places in the search results pages. Here are some of the best SEO practices that you can apply to optimize your visibility and exposure on the web:

    1. Keep yourself aware of the changes of search engine algorithms.

    Search engines, particularly Google, update their algorithms from time to time to ensure that unscrupulous content providers are not doing any fraudulent schemes to get to the top of search results. Search engine administrators don’t usually publish these updates online. You need to read SEO experts’ blogs on a daily basis to discover these changes.

    2. Use the most profitable keywords for your business.

    Your choice of keywords can spell the success or failure of your business. You should make a thorough research in order to obtain the most popular, yet less competed keywords in your niche or topic. Profitable keywords or key phrases are the ones that the majority of your prospects type in the search box to find information about your topic on the web.

    3. Offer great content.

    Even though SEO is intended to attract the attention of search engines, it is just secondary to the value, quality, and substance of the information that you provide. Content is intended for humans, SEO is intended for search engines. If you sacrifice the quality of your content for SEO, chances are your site may not be able to generate sales even if it is able to drive traffic.

    4. Create and submit a site map.

    A site map is a list of hierarchically organized pages that exist on a web site. It is usually organized and broken down into logical parts. It works like a directory of pages of a website because it shows everything that is on site and tells you where to find it.

    Site maps make it easier for search engines to analyze website content and assign its appropriate page rank.

    5. Build links to authority sites.

    Search engines favor sites that contain links to authority sites. Building links to trusted sites helps to establish your website’s credibility and popularity. Search engines love to index websites that are trusted by authority sites. One way to improve your page rankings is to create links to as many related authority sites as possible.

    6. Use white hat techniques.

    There are a lot of ways to attract search engines but not all of them are considered legal or ethical. Some techniques are unfair and deceptive, and their only objective is to get higher page rankings or mislead people to their websites. Schemes like these are called black hat techniques. They may work for a short time but once they are found out, websites, doing these are penalized or totally banned by the search engines. You should always use white hat SEO techniques to avoid unpleasant consequences.

    These are some of the best SEO practices on the web. You should do them to avoid penalty and to win the trust of search engines.


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