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    Aug 24 th, 2011
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    The Benefits of High Value Web Content

    Anywhere on the web, you will always find web content gurus telling you that it is value and not words that provide value to web content.

    In order to provide value to your content, you must consider a lot of factors which your readers care about – that’s if they care to read your article at all. Some of these are values that people are looking for in an individual or entity in the real world.

    You should bear in mind that your website has a personality and its contents comprise its “character.” It should therefore provide value to attract visitors and keep them coming back.

    Among the things that can provide value to your web content are:

    – Truth, yes, truth signifies sincerity. It is the foundation of trust and integrity

    – Relevance of information

    – Conciseness, correctness and freshness of information

    – Coherence and smooth flow of ideas

    – Correctness of grammar, spelling and punctuation

    – Credible links that add more information and give the reader some sort of after-reading support

    The Benefits

    If your website content has these qualities, you already have what it takes to impress your visitors. Maintain these value-giving attributes in all of your articles and your website will reap these benefits:

    1. People stay longer on your website

    A website that provides value does not only attract readers; it also makes them stay longer to harvest more information;

    2. It earns people’s trust

    The importance of providing value to your website is to build a relationship with your readers. This relationship develops into trust as you continue to provide what your readers are looking for from your site;

    3. It earns your readers’ recommendations to their peers

    Website contents that are created to provide value do not only earn the trust of your readers; it also encourages them to recommend your website to their friends. It’s a social world. You just can’t underestimate the power of social networks to build or ruin a business or its reputation;

    4. It earns the trust of other webmasters

    When value is constantly present in your content, it encourages other webmasters to link to your website. This is an added benefit because this is actually an act of bringing more traffic to your doorstep;

    5. It helps to build your rank in the search engines

    Nowadays, search engines look into the relevance and value of website contents aside from taking notice of its keywords. They also take note of the links from other websites which make them consider your site as something of value and relevance.


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