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    Aug 15 th, 2011
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    The Benefits of Blogging to an Organization

    A blog or web log is a website that is maintained by an individual, a group or a business establishment. It contains dated text, audio or video entries that reflect the author’s experiences, opinions, observations or commentaries.

    A blog is a window into the mind of a great thinker.

    In this age of advanced communication technology, blogging has become a popular means of interaction among peoples from across the world. It doesn’t require writers to wait in line for his entry to get published; he can write his thoughts anytime and have it published as soon as he wishes.

    Because of its popularity, blogging has become an effective means of promoting a business or advocacy. Here are some of the advantages that blogging can give to your business or organization:

    1. Blogs provide a human face to your organization

    Modern cost-saving business strategies such as self-service, automation and outsourcing have all created a distance between the organization and its customers. The personal touch through interaction is somewhat left out in the process. Setting up a blog gives your organization a “human face” where your customers interact with your organization to let you know their thoughts.

    2. Blogs are a great tool to refine your business process

    The good thing about blogs is that it allows people to post replies regarding the author’s ideas. An organization which is focused on what its customer care about will have a big chance to address his customers’ needs by listening to their feedback. Blogs can play a big role in the development of a product or business.

    3. Blogs help to build your brand

    Maintaining a blog is a great and cost effective way to get your brand into millions of households all over the world. Besides blogging, there is no cheaper way to let people know you exist.

    4. A blog lets your customers know what makes you different

    A blog gives you a way to let your potential customers know that you can make a difference to make your product and services different from its competitors. A blog that offers solutions to your potential customers’ attracts people to your business.

    5. Relational Marketing

    Success in the field of marketing involves building relationships. This is where trust is born. Friendly, sincere, and informative blogs that offer a two-way communication with your readers builds a relationship that foster trust – and possibly sales.


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