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    Aug 5 th, 2011
    Content Syndication No Comments

    The Basics of Content Syndication

    Web content syndication is a process in which web contents are made available to multiple sites on the web. This process increases your site’s exposure to multiple audiences online and helps to get your product or services be brought before their eyes.

    Content syndication is in fact a strategy – of spreading and sharing your content to as far as the Internet can reach, and this can be done by observing certain steps. Please read on to know what these are:

    1. It all begins with an article

    Like a journey that begins with a single step, content syndication also begins with an article related to the subject of your blog or website. Make sure your article is brief yet factual and informative, compelling, correct and fresh. In short, follow the basic principles of writing content for the web. At this stage, your article should be in a document form to facilitate ease of proofreading, grammar and spelling check.

    2. Post the article to your blog

    After proofreading, post the article to your blog or website with related images or pictures that bear names of your main keywords.

    3. Submit the article to article directories

    Create your resource box at the bottom of your draft to make it acceptable to article directories and to see to it that its link that points back to your blog is working. Proofread it again a few more times to ensure that all the errors are eliminated, then submit it to article directories which allow your articles to be used by other blogs or directories for content as long as your resource box remains intact. Take note that majority of article directories require you to sign and be approved as an author before the allow you to submit your first article.

    3. Sign up on a few big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

    These are the sites where your articles can get their share of exposure. This can be done by setting your blog to automatically post new content to the social media sites or by copying your link and manually posting this to the social media sites.

    4. Promote your article in social bookmarking sites

    Promoting your article in social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious is a convenient way of getting your site’s needed exposure. You can actually social bookmark every new blog post or article. The main purpose of this is to get as many back links as your article can attract on these sites.


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