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    Mar 20 th, 2012
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    The Attributes of a Good Testimonial

    One of the most important aspects of a great sales copy is testimonials. They help to make your copy credible. They also help to convince your prospect to act on your favor.

    But testimonials have to be real and they need to come from real, verifiable people. It would be unfair and unethical to produce testimonials that aren’t true.

    It is the job of responsible copywriters to publish real testimonials.

    This article intends to tell you of the attributes of a good testimonial. These can help to make you produce honest and credible sales copies.

    1. A good testimonial is real.

    You are using testimonials in your sales copy to make it credible. You should stand for it by producing real testimonials that come from real people. These are the individuals who have actually experienced using your product or service.

    2. A good testimonial is verifiable.

    A good testimonial is something that people can easily verify for authenticity. By holding a digital or hard copy of the original testimonial, you will be able to prove its veracity when people, especially the authorities come and check on your activity.

    You also need to have your witness’ personal information like his real name and email address when someone wants it for verification purposes.

    3. A good testimonial is free.

    Some copywriters solicit testimonials in exchange for some kind of incentive. This is not valid as it involves an exchange of favors. One can naturally expect a positive testimony for a reward.

    A good and valid testimonial is one that is given freely and without any conditions. It is the process of getting honest feedback from your customer without giving away favors in return. It is the ethical way to get a real and credible testimonial.


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