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    Dec 28 th, 2011
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    The Advantages of Videos in Online Marketing

    Video marketing is fast gaining popularity as an effective strategy for driving traffic. The billions of views that videos receive on a daily basis is a testimony to this.

    But despite the multitudes that have learned to appreciate videos as a means of conveying information, many of them are still unable to understand its real advantages. The purpose of this article is to let you know some of the salient advantages of videos in online marketing. Here they are:

    1. They have a larger audience base than written content.

    Watching videos is more convenient than reading written content. It has given videos a larger audience base than written content because many people have switched from reading to watching videos.

    2. They connect with the user better than text.

    Videos connect with the user’s hearing and sight. It also gives the user some sort of convenience because it allows him or her to sit back, relax and watch and listen. Video has freed the user from the extra effort of reading content which is time-consuming.

    3. Videos rank higher than text in the search engines.

    Search engines prioritize video over written content. They have the capability to give your site a higher ranking if you post a few optimized videos about your niche on YouTube.

    Promote your videos on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will help to increase your rankings a further.

    4. They can help to establish you as an expert.

    Like written articles, videos can establish you as an expert in your niche if you regularly post quality, informative videos. This helps to build your brand and enhance your online presence. This also helps to establish your credibility and win the trust of your audience.

    5. They give you a chance to revive old content.

    With the advent of online videos, you can now have a way to revive old content and convert them into videos. This can give you a fresh chance for more exposure, traffic and potential for sales.

    7. Videos are cost effective and easy to create.

    Many people think that videos are expensive. Yes, they can be costly if you are thinking of producing Hollywood quality videos.

    But you can produce low budget but quality videos in a lot of ways. There are plenty of video marketing professionals who are willing to help you produce your video at budget costs.

    You can also learn to produce videos for free. YouTube and other video sharing sites offer free video creation tutorials to help you create videos on your own.


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