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    Feb 2 nd, 2012
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    The Advantages of Video Press Release

    Technology is an ever evolving branch of knowledge. It continues to improve by the day and any advancement that it takes affects many things in business and society.

    This advancement has made a great impact on the way information is passed. A few years back, news and press releases were printed and distributed through newspapers. But with the advent of the Internet press releases are published and syndicated online in text form.

    Online marketing took a new twist when the World Wide Web introduced video sharing sites such as YouTube. Many Internet savvy people who used to harvest information by reading text have learned to appreciate the importance of videos.

    Online marketers and public relations professionals have appreciated and taken advantage of this method of circulating information. It is in fact an effective and economic way of broadcasting company events and developments and every company or business is happy with it. However, developments continue to happen and people are now contemplating the use of video as press release material.

    Here are the anticipated advantages of video press release:

    1. It enables businesses and online marketers to enter a new market.

    With millions of people who watch videos daily, Video sharing sites are a new market where you can drive traffic to your site.

    Videos enable companies to find your products or services online. In a survey conducted by Forbes Magazine, 75 percent of senior executives said that they watched work-related videos per week and another 52 percent related that they prefer to watch work-related videos on YouTube once a week.

    2. It takes storytelling to a higher level.

    A written press release covers up space that takes time to read, and it can only say so much. It can offer interesting information and compel its reader to action but it can only connect with its readers in a limited way.

    A Video press release has a better way to say it because it allows its viewer to see what it is talking about. Sometimes, it can even establish an emotional connection with its audience which can trigger them to act.

    A video press release with a testimonial also creates a greater impact on its audience, increasing your credibility and improving your potential for more traffic and sales.

    2. It is shorter, more concise and more convenient for its audience.

    A video takes time to create, but it takes lesser time to watch than reading a text file with the same amount of information. It allows its audience to harvest information without much effort.

    3. It allows you to repurpose written press releases in a new format.

    Video is a new way to convey information to a new market. You can make use of your written press releases by converting them into videos and uploading them to YouTube and other video sharing sites.

    4. It is easy to share.

    The influx of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and the embedding of sharing widgets have made video sharing easier. Videos that are easier to share have bigger potential for a broader reach.


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