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    Dec 4 th, 2011
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    The Advantages of Posting Your Articles to Your Website First

    The primary objective of article marketing is to reach as many people as possible and drive traffic to a specific website. Traffic is the web’s number one source of potential revenue. Online marketers submit their articles to article directories to increase their online exposure and drive additional traffic to their websites.

    But some article marketers immediately submit their content to article directories without posting these to their own blog or website. This is a mistake because you are not maximizing the potential of your content to reach a wider audience base, build backlinks and improve your rankings in the search engines.

    Here are three advantages of posting your articles to your website before submitting them to article directories:

    1. It helps to make your article the center of attention

    Most article directories earn revenue by posting advertisements and AdSense ads on their sites. These are often placed at the top and other prominent places of its pages. These ads and banners can distract your readers and they might even click on these advertisements before reading your article.

    As an article marketer, you have no control over article directories. You cannot tell them where to place their ads and other content that can divert your readers to other sites. You have full control over your own website or blog and you have the authority to put your articles in the most prominent places of its pages.

    2. It makes you the sole owner of your content

    If you post your articles to other sites, you are actually giving up ownership of your content. This means that you will have no way of retrieving them once these sites cease to exist.

    Posting your content to your own blog or website first helps to make you retain your ownership of these materials. It will also serve as a way to archive the work that you had worked so hard for.

    3. It helps to attract traffic to your own website

    By submitting your content to other sites before posting them on your own, you are actually allowing search engines to lead web surfers to enter someone else’s web property. You will need site visitors to read your article to the end hoping that they will click on the link in your resource box. This is an indirect way of driving traffic.

    Post your articles to your website first in order to allow search engines to index and rank your content. This will also help to drive web surfers to your own web property directly.

    But before you submit the same article to article sites, you should change its title, rewrite it a bit and add a resource box in order to avoid duplication. In case there’s a duplicate content, many search engines only index and rank the article that it finds in the higher ranked site and it should be the article directory. You should avoid this to maximize your page ranking and traffic potentials.


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