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    Jan 5 th, 2012
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    The 5 Most Popular SEO Practices

    Search engine optimization is the most important word in the online industry today. It is a strategy that online entrepreneurs use to drive traffic to their websites.

    Traffic is the number one source of revenue for online businesses. It is the main target of search engine optimization and one of the main reasons why it aims to put a website high in the search results page. Any SEO company will definitely promise to give your site the ranking it needs to funnel traffic. But not all of them will be able to give your site the ranking and traffic you want.

    With the stiff competition for the top pages of search results, getting to the top of the search results page has become a challenge. The measure of a good search engine optimization company will now be tested by the methods they use to excel in their chosen field.

    Here are the top most popular SEO practices which are accepted by search engines:

    1. Writing Good Content

    Writing good content is the most accepted practice in search engine optimization. Content is the lifeblood of every website. It is the very reason why people surf the web. Good content refers to one which is informative, useful, original, linkable easy to read and optimized with keywords. Content is intended for humans, but it is wise to optimize them for search engines to make them easy to find.

    2. Optimizing Titles and Meta Tags

    Titles and meta tags need to contain important keywords to make your site more attractive to search engines. This is a practice that most Internet marketing companies will suggest when you employ them to optimize your site.

    3. Link Building

    Link building is one of the strategies for search engine optimization which is done by building links that point back to your website. This could result in higher search engine rankings and a boost in traffic.

    4. The Use of Relevant Keywords

    The use of specific and relevant keywords is the most common SEO practice today. This involves keyword research and the use of a keyword tool to help you determine keyword popularity and competition. Good research and the effective use of keywords can help to bring your site to the top of the search results pages.

    5. Optimizing Anchor Text

    Optimizing anchor text in your content is another SEO strategy which helps to make your site credible to the search engines. You can do this effectively by using your keywords instead of “click here” as anchor text for relevant links.


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