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    Jan 27 th, 2012
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    The 5 Elements of Successful Business Blogging

    When people realized that there’s money in blogging, competition began. It also paved the way for excellent blogs to stand out in the crowd. It was a time when people realized the importance of delivering value in order to capture reader interest and eventual traffic.

    Business blogging success does not come with luck. It involves a strategy which consists of quality, search engine optimization, compelling content, readability and focus, ease of navigation and other factors that make it reader and search friendly.

    If you intend to establish a business blog or if you are already operating one, please read on to know the top five elements of successful business blogging.

    1. Planning

    The first thing you need to do is to identify your niche and know why you are establishing a blog. You should clearly define your goals and objectives for creating it. Doing so will help to let you identify your target audience.

    Business blogs are intended to generate traffic to boost your potential for sales. This can be done when your blog can build a good relationship with its readers and this happens if you can deliver what they want.

    Another important part of the planning stage is keyword research. You should be able to identify the keywords which are popular but less competitive. Those will enable you to get a good ranking in the search results page.

    2. Compelling Content

    Content is the lifeblood of any website or blog. Your business web log can hold its visitors only if you provide it with content that makes him forget about his short attention span.

    Your title, non matter how interesting, doesn’t have the power to compel your reader to stay if your content cannot deliver what your title promised.

    Compelling content delivers value, fresh information, quality, scannability, reading ease and answers to your target audience’s concerns.

    3. Design

    To have a good successful blog, you need to have a good layout and design. The web is overcrowded with blogs and you will easily get lost in the crowd if you don’t produce quality content and an attractive layout.

    Well-designed blogs are easy to navigate. They contain widgets which complete the aesthetics of your blog design. They serve a critical purpose on your blog in terms of aesthetic, navigation, content presentation and advertising.

    4. Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization is one of the most important attributes of successful business blogs. They are essential in making your web log more attractive and relevant to the search engines.

    SEO also carries the capability to make your blog or content easy for your customers and potential clients to find. Having your business blog easily found is like making it easy for your customers to find your telephone number in the telephone directory.

    5. Engaging Your Audience

    Web logs are a new platform of communication where you can directly interact with your audience via its comments portion. This is one of the most effective ways of building a relationship, and you don’t need to spend dollars to do it door to door for you.

    Your readers will love it when you acknowledge their presence in your blog.

    You should take time to read their comments and respond to them promptly. It will enable you to know your audience better, feel their pulse and win their trust.


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