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    Aug 26 th, 2012
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    Start Your Online Business with 8 Free Internet Resources

    No online business can survive without the information and services of other online companies. However, the services of many of these companies are not free. As the operator of an online business that is just starting out in its operations, you need to minimize on your operating expenses in order to save on costs. You can do this by taking advantage of free Internet resources to keep your business going. Here are some of them:


    You will certainly need the services of PayPal for your online business because it enables you to collect payments from your customers. You can sign up for a Business Account or Premier Account at PayPal. It’s free, and it has a lot of features and benefits that can help you as a business owner.


    This website offers to build free web pages for your website. It has excellent features that enable you to create web pages even if you don’t have enough knowledge of the process.

    3. is a file sharing website that offers lots of business application programs that you can download for free. You don’t have to worry about piracy when you download files from this site. All files offered here are not pirated.


    This website offers free software that you can use as an alternative for Microsoft Office which is quite expensive. The utilities of OpenOffice include a word processor, a spreadsheet application, and a database application. It can also allow you to create Power Point presentations that you may need to make you website more appealing.


    SBA stands for small business administration. It is a U.S. government website that can provide information and free assistance to small brick and mortar and online businesses that are just starting up.

    6. is not just a search engine that you can use to find information online. Some of the useful features that Google can offer for free include Google Docs, Google Calendar and Gmail.


    This is a free Internet resource that every new online business owner will find useful. In this website, you will find information that can certainly help you to help your budding online business grow.


    This is a website that is owned and operated by a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help new businesses start and grow. It offers free courses for starting and growing a business which include Ecommerce.

    These are some of the most popular free Internet resources that can help people establish online businesses. You can use them to save on costs and to make your business grow.


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