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    Sep 22 nd, 2011
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    Six Tips to Get Traffic on YouTube

    YouTube is undeniably the most popular video sharing site in the world today. Aside from giving you the chance to “broadcast yourself” to the entire world, it also opens an incredible opportunity to gain traffic for your business.

    Here are some tips which can help you to get traffic on YouTube:

    1. Post interesting videos

    Uploading interesting, useful and informative videos is one of the most effective ways to gain traffic on YouTube.

    When recording your videos, try to be a bit different in your approach. Most of the time, people’s curiosities are aroused by something new and different. If your video becomes viral, it would be a big boost to your traffic.

    2. Create an interesting profile

    An interesting profile can add points to your popularity in YouTube. It can help to entice people to view your videos. An uninteresting profile on the other hand, cannot help with your goals to gain traffic because it doesn’t even have the ability to attract would-be viewers.

    3. Include the logo in the video

    Include your logo or your website in your videos. This will help to build your brand internationally on YouTube. It can also help to build traffic for your website.

    4. Make your videos search friendly

    Make your videos search friendly by including the main keywords in the title. Videos that are search friendly get better chances of being viewed across YouTube.

    5. Determine appropriate posting time

    Post videos during times when traffic is at its peak. There are certain times when traffic is low and only a few are viewing videos. The best time to post videos would be mornings or early afternoons during weekdays.

    6. Videos should be short yet compact

    The duration of your videos matters a lot to your viewers. You should remember that web users have very little attention span.

    Take advantage of the little time you have to attract their attention by uploading short yet compact videos which are able to convey the information that your viewers want to know. Don’t lose your viewers by experimenting with long videos that can diminish their interest.


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