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    Nov 3 rd, 2011
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    Six SEO Techniques to Improve Page Ranking

    Website competition has gone stiffer by the day. This has made search engine optimization a very important tool in attracting traffic and getting a good place in the search engine results page.

    There are many SEO strategies that content providers use in their quest for traffic and high page ranking, but not all of them are effective. Here are the top six SEO techniques you should consider in order to get high page ranking:

    1. Use long-tail keywords

    The days of one or two-word keywords have long gone. With the presence of millions of websites which are all vying for the attention of search engines, the competition for one or two-word keywords is tremendous.

    The use of long-tail keywords has become the trend in modern SEO. These keywords or key phrase is composed of three to four words. Long-tail keywords may not be highly searched for, but because they have fewer competitors, your site has a higher chance of getting the traffic it wants.

    2. Optimize your website for SEO

    Flashy websites might be good in the eyes of some people, but they do not attract search engines. It is because it’s the website SEO optimization that catches the eyes of search engine spiders and not how websites look.

    3. Do guest posting

    Guest posting is one way of improving your site’s ranking. This is done by simply submitting and article to a website whose ranking is higher than yours. But the articles you submit should contain a link back to your site.

    This will lead the readers of that site to click on your link if they find that your articles are interesting and they want to find out more about your products or services.

    4. Use multimedia

    You can make your articles reach a wider audience base by converting them into video blogs and uploading video hosting sites like YouTube. Just don’t forget to include your link so that interested viewers can go to your site once they find an urge to know more about your product.

    5. Broadcast your website on Twitter

    Having a Twitter account can help in promoting your website. You can do it by simply including your link in your Twitter account and adding people who you think would be interested in your site. You should also be able to ‘tweet’ any update on your site so that people will know and visit your website.

    6. Provide information and value in your content

    You should remember that your content is for people to read and information and value are what they search for on the web. Search engines are only there to help them find the articles depending on the keywords that they type on the search box.

    SEO is for search engines. It helps your articles find a comfortable place in the search engine results page. But it won’t be able to drive traffic if your content does not provide the information and value that readers are looking for.


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