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    Sep 22 nd, 2011
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    Six Reasons Why You Should Use Video to Market Your Website

    YouTube is the largest online video in the world. It is visited by millions of people every day and thousands of videos are uploaded to it n a daily basis.

    Youtube presents its information on a different platform as it uses video to broadcast its contents, yet it is one of the best sites to get traffic.

    You can actually drive traffic to your website by promoting it on YouTube. Here are the top reasons why you need video to market your website:

    1. It easily captures attention

    People of this age are very tame to the television screen or monitor and video easily captures their attention because of the sounds and images that go with it. With videos, visitors can simply sit back, relax, watch, listen and get the information.

    2. Some visitors are comfortable with video than text

    Many people find videos more engaging. They love to read, listen and watch content instead of just reading which requires greater visual and mental focus. But of course your video has to be appealing to catch their interest.

    3. Videos provide better chances of ranking in the search engines

    Nowadays, written content is engaged in an intense struggle for ranking in the search engines. Competition is fierce and you have to deal with the popularity of websites which have been established for many years.

    Video content has less competition and it takes less work to do. Many people are looking for informative videos on the web and because competition is a lot easier, there’s a chance for content to rank high in the search engines.

    4. Videos are more appealing

    Most readers scan through written content to see if there’s something interesting. Videos on the other hand can easily captivate the visitor because it takes lesser effort and time to get the message that it carries.

    5. Videos show your personality better than text

    You can easily establish a connection with viewers that readers. This makes the video a more effective marketing tool.

    6. Search engines don’t rank duplicate content

    Articles which are submitted to multiple search engines don’t attract traffic because search engines don’t rank duplicates. They only rank the article which was published ahead of the rest.

    If you convert your article into video, you are not creating duplicate content in the eyes of search engines. Modern articles are conversational and it won’t be difficult for them to be converted into videos. By simply reading your article in front of a video camera and submitting them to video sharing sites, you are expanding your market to a wider audience.


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