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    Aug 26 th, 2011
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    Six Mistakes that Can Spoil SEO

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is becoming one of the most highly used phrases on the web. Its main purpose on the internet is to make a website gain a high page rank in search engine results.

    Websites have become virtual homes or offices of businesses. Each of them is vying for a high page rank in order obtain an edge against competition.

    Almost, if not all webmasters are using SEO techniques to optimize their websites. Yet, not all of them succeeded in getting to the top few pages of search engine results. This is because they fail to avoid some of the most common mistakes that can spoil their SEO efforts. Here they are:

    1. Excessive use of graphics and photos

    Photos and graphics do not attract search engines more than texts do. It is therefore not advisable to post too many graphics which could take up so much space on the web page. Posting one or two images per article is sufficient.

    2. The use of Adobe Flash

    Search engines don’t have the capability of evaluating flash-based websites. This is the primary reason why businesses do not use flash for their websites. Flash is mostly used by gaming websites because it allows the movement of images. There’s a big probability for search engines to fail in recognizing flash-filled websites.

    3. The use of a long URL which is not relevant

    The use of long, irrelevant URLs is a not a good way to catch the attention of search engines. An accurate URL that bears the website’s main keyword is the most effective URL that helps to promote SEO.

    4. Indiscriminate use of keywords

    The use of keywords is an important aspect of SEO. However, it should comply with search engine standards in order for it to serve its purpose. The indiscriminate use of keywords without making regard to search engine standards, like keyword density, could work against your website because search engines are more likely to consider your content as spam.

    5. The use of complicated website navigation

    A way to make your website search engine friendly is to make it easy to navigate. The use of photos or flash for your navigation system only makes it complicated. It also slows down your website which could disappoint your reader. Make your site easy to navigate before you lose your existing and future traffic. 6. Posting non-sense contents

    Website contents are created for human users. These should be interesting, informative and helpful to its targeted audience. A short informative article is way better than a long, keyword-stuffed article that doesn’t make any sense. It might succeed in attracting some search engines but it can never earn the interest of potential readers.


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