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    Sep 5 th, 2011
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    Six Cost Effective Article Marketing Ways

    Internet marketing is an evolving process. No one can ever tell whether a new internet marketing tool or strategy is going to sweep the World Wide Web in the near future.

    Here are some cost-effective article marketing ways which you can apply on your business.

    1. Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization actually revolves around hitting the right keywords that your target audience uses. Millions of websites are competing for popular two-word keywords which makes it more difficult for searchers to find what they’re looking for. Optimize your website by referring to a keyword tool to find less competitive three to four word key phrases.

    2. Article Writing

    Content is king, and articles make up a big part of content on the web. Writing useful and relevant articles helps to build your brand. It can foster trust and a relationship with your readers. It can also help to promote your website through backlinks that are provided in the articles that are submitted to article directories.

    3. Press Release Writing

    Pres releases are effective article marketing tools. They are even more effective than advertisements because of their news value.

    A good way to write an effective PR is to make it newsworthy and putting emphasis on the topic instead of the product. It should also be able to answer the what, when, where, why and how questions that are typical in a news story.

    4. Forum Posting

    Forum posting is another way to effectively promote your website. In the forums, you can ask or answer questions and join that specific online community in tackling specific issues surrounding specific products.

    This is a way to build your credibility. Just avoid advertising your products or services in your posts as this is self-serving. You can reserve your “ad” as your signature.

    5. Joint Ventures

    A Joint venture is a contractual agreement joining together two or more parties for the purpose of engaging in a particular business undertaking.

    Joint ventures are typically offered by businesses who own the product.

    When doing a joint venture proposal, you need to contact the website owner to present your offer. Tell them the benefits that you are willing to offer them as a joint venture partner, give them copy of your product and let them know of your special commission rate.

    6. Affiliate Programs

    Affiliate programs are related to joint ventures in some way. Creating an affiliate program before finally going big time into joint ventures is the easier way to find a joint venture partner.

    The best way to build a successful affiliate program is to offer generous commissions to affiliates.

    For now, these are the most common internet marketing strategies which are practiced by businesses. But no one can really tell if one day, a new system, which will sweep the market off its feet, will evolve.


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