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    Sep 28 th, 2011
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    Six Common Podcasting Questions

    Podcasting or video blogging is becoming an increasingly popular platform for sending ideas across the World Wide Web.

    Many would-be video bloggers want to know more about podcasting before they actually venture on this new method. These are the most common questions that they ask:

    1. What format should I record to?

    The most common format for audio podcasts is MP3. If there is no compelling reason why you should shift to a different format, the MP3 format should be the one you should always utilize.

    2. What microphones are best for podcasting?

    There are actually many types of microphones that you can use for podcasting. But there’s a certain type of microphone for each type of recording. If your recording is done in the studio, a fixed microphone could do very well for this purpose. But if your show happens to be recorded outdoors, a portable microphone will be your best option.

    3. What are the options for hosting a podcast?

    There are actually two options that you have to consider for hosting a podcast. The first option is to host the podcast on your own server. The other option is to use a third-party to host it. Choosing a third party for your hosting needs can give you some savings on hosting costs but you’re also giving up some control over your podcast file.

    4. How do I delete dead spots from my podcast?

    There are lots of tools which can help you edit your audio files or remove any unwanted segments. These tools also contain other editing features which you can use to enhance the quality of your podcast. An example of an audio editing tool can be found at

    5. Where can I get sound effects for my podcast?

    There are actually lots of portals that contain royalty-free sound effects which you can use for your podcast. One such source for your convenience is

    6. Where can I get music for my podcast?

    The web offers plenty of portals which contain royalty-free music which you can use for your podcast without having to spend a cent each time your podcast is played. In order to get royalty-free podsafe music, try for recommendations.


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