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    Nov 8 th, 2011
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    Six Article Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

    SEO article marketing is one of the best strategies to boost your business online.

    The best indication of a good online business is the volume of conversion and sales you are able to generate. It starts from the use of an effective online marketing tool to traffic generation, good page ranking on major search engines and the conversion of site visitors into paying customers.

    Here are six article marketing strategies which can help to boost your sales:

    1. Use of profitable keywords

    Knowing what words and phrases your target market is using when they search for information about your niche is a very important factor in the success of your article marketing campaign.

    Do not rely on your instincts by guessing what words drive great volumes of traffic to your website. You should get reliable data instead by doing keyword research with the use of a keyword tool. It can help to give you the number of times certain keywords are searched on the web. Another important data you can get from a keyword tool is the website competition for certain keywords or phrases.

    You should use popular keywords with lesser competition in order to land at the top pages of the search results. Key phrases which are three to four words long have been observed to give better results.

    2. Use of secondary keywords

    The use of the same keywords over and over again on the same article can give the search engines an impression that you are spamming or keyword stuffing your content. This can negatively impact your rankings in the search engines.

    In order to avoid this problem, use secondary keywords on the other parts of your article. Secondary keywords should be closely related to your main keywords in order to attract the attention of search engines.

    3. Keywords are infused in strategic places

    Your article title, the first paragraph of your article body, your article summary and resource box are strategic places where you can infuse your keywords. Just be sure to limit your keyword density to two percent. You should also see to it that you are not sacrificing the readability of your article just to accommodate your keywords.

    4. The article is properly reviewed

    Articles which are properly checked before they are distributed on the web are the ones that usually stand out in the crowd. You should see to it that your articles are easy to read and understand, free from grammar and spelling errors, unique and coherent in order to capture the interest of your target audience.

    6. The article is properly syndicated

    Articles which are properly syndicated and distributed to reliable article directories have better chances of getting a wider audience base. This can translate to better traffic and a higher potential for conversion and sales.


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