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    Aug 26 th, 2011
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    Simple Ways to Optimize Blogs for Search Engines

    Optimizing a blog to attract each engine spiders is not as difficult as you might think. It just needs time and effort to consistently update it with quality content.

    A blog that is built within a company site can work wonders to optimize that site’s ranking in the search engines. This is even more effective than building a separate website or blog to contain your articles.

    One of the primary reasons for this is that the contents of the blog within the company site help to build the site’s rank. Another reason is that a blog within the company website helps to build your site’s online presence. It is therefore beneficial to your website as it promotes branding.

    But in order for your website to benefit from the company blog, you have to observe a few SEO rules just like what is required of any other blogs on the web. Here they are:

    1. Make your content shareable

    One of the best ways to promote a website or business is to provide it with content which are easily shareable to other users. Social networking sites are a good environment for content sharing and website promotion. You can also add share buttons into your blog to allow your prospect audience to preview your content. Promoting blogs through Twitter and submitting them to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit are common approaches that work.

    Effective SEO is not all about backlinking and keyword stuffing. It also involves engaging in social media marketing.

    2. Filter you content for spam

    If you tolerate comments which are not relevant to the subject of your content, it could have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. If you allow all comments to get into your blog without filtering them, chances are you’ll get hundreds of them which are not relevant to your niche at all. These are spam which carry a big potential to drag your blog down. You should utilize a filtering system to protect your blog from spammy comments.

    You have to maintain your blog’s integrity by protecting it from irresponsible or irrelevant comments from other people.

    3. Post contents of value

    Obtaining a good page rank is one of the main goals of SEO, but it is useless if your content cannot serve its purpose which is to provide value to your end users.

    Web users do not stay a second longer if they cannot find what they are looking in a website, no matter how high its page rank is.

    Make it a mission to always write for your targeted audience and not primarily for search engines. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make your content more search engine friendly. You are actually allowed to use keywords for a number of times within your article but you have to make sure that they flow well with your content.


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