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    Oct 12 th, 2011
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    Simple Ways of Writing Effective Sales Copies

    An effective sales copy is one of the best methods a copywriter can use to generate sales. But writing an effective sales copy can be tough most especially if you are not in your best emotional state.

    Writing needs inspiration, motivation or the state of being happy. It can be difficult because that ideal emotional state which stimulates writers to write is quite hard to achieve.

    Many writers change their emotional state at will to awaken the writer inside them. Here are simple ways that enable them to write effective sales copies:

    1. Keep your mind clear relaxed

    Nothing makes a writer more productive than a clear mind which is free from distracting thoughts. You should first try to achieve a relaxed mental state by freeing your mind from any thoughts. Do some light exercise to stimulate circulation and supply your brain with oxygen.

    2. Get rid of negative thoughts

    Putting your mind in a positive mental state helps to give you the right attitude to produce excellent written output.

    If something is bothering your mind, you should stop at once and do something to remove your negative mental attitude. One of the things that many writers do when they are in this situation is to stand with their heads up high and a big smile on faces. The next thing they would do is to shout out loud saying “I feel terrific, yes and I am a creative genius, yes” three times. It sounds silly, yet it has surprised many for the good feeling it gave afterward.

    3. Rest when you’re tired

    You can’t expect your creative juices to flow when you’re tired or sleepy. You shouldn’t write when you are tired or sleepy. You need to rest in order to get renewed energy. This helps to makes you more creative and productive.

    4. Do not write under pressure

    Pressure is a cause for stress and being tense. It can stop your mind from working efficiently because it makes you lose focus. So if you want to produce great copy, do not write if your mind is busy with other things.

    5. Don’t stop while you still have ideas

    Some writers have preset writing schedules and they stop at the time the clock strikes the hour that they intend to stop, even if they still have plenty of ideas to jot down. This is because they are committed to other things. This is not a good practice because producing ideas takes a lot of effort. These ideas could go down the drain if you stop without writing them first.

    Ideas are not easy to find. You should write them once you have them. You should stop only when everything is recorded.


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