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    Jul 5 th, 2012
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    Simple Tips to Get More Views on YouTube

    Just like online articles, online videos are intended to attract people, and the number of people who viewed or read the content is a clear indication of how good or bad they were created.

    Many people who are keen on producing videos either for marketing or entertainment ask questions about how to increase their views on YouTube. These are age-old questions that have been asked over and over again, but only a few are too keen on answering them.

    To put these questions to rest, here are some of the ways that can help to increase your views on YouTube:

    1. Create out-of-the-ordinary videos.

    Out-of-the-ordinary videos are videos of events that don’t happen every day. These are the type of events that are sure to tickle the curiosity and interest of your target viewers. Make your videos more interesting by providing them with catchy titles and popular keywords that help to make them more visible. These will assure you of getting significant traffic that you need for your video.

    Be sure that your keywords, tags, meta tags and thumbnails are in place. They are very important for the exposure of your video. Give a brief but accurate description of your video to give your viewer an idea of what he is about to see.

    2. Consider the need for conciseness in your videos.

    People who run to the Internet have very limited time and attention span, and they want to get the information they want at the shortest possible time.

    You only have a few seconds to capture the interest of your prospect viewer, and this means that you have to present your video in a brief and direct to the point fashion. If you can present your information in as short as 20 to 30 seconds, it would be a welcome idea. After all, there’s no sense in creating a long video that doesn’t get viewed.

    3. Upload the videos to Facebook.

    Social networking sites like as Facebook are among the most strategic places to expose and boost the viewership of YouTube videos. By uploading your videos to Facebook, you will be able to expose it to your target market, and people who like it will surely share it with their other friends on the network and the process gets repeated over and over, creating an opportunity for your video to become viral.

    Creating videos that get plenty of views on YouTube can help to build your brand and reputation on the web. It can work for you especially if you are engaged in the online marketing business.


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