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    Sep 14 th, 2011
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    Simple Tips to Engage Your Readers

    Getting your readers bored with your articles is a thing that you don’t want to happen in your entire article marketing career.

    As an article writer, your readers are your most important assets and you can’t just let them go away.

    Here are some tips you could use to engage your readers:

    1. Use Popular Topics

    Popular topics are interesting. You can do a research on this by going to list websites. These are the sites that publish results of surveys taken by popular magazines, researchers or government agencies. One of the topics taken up here would probably be “Ten Most Popular Topics on the Web.” This will be the hint for you. Another interesting site that publishes hot topics is the Google Trend. Here, you will find what people are talking about in the minute.

    Once you have your topic, you can use reference materials such as ebooks for ideas.

    Whatever topic you decide to open up, be sure to write engaging articles about it, otherwise, your visitors would turn away.

    2. Powerful Words are Interesting Words

    Spark the interest in your readers by using powerful words. Your thesaurus should come in handy every time you are writing. Being descriptive and expressive can help to catch your reader’s attention and entice them to do what you want: read your article, visit your website and eventually make a purchase. Avoid using repetitive words and phrases as these can turn your visitors off.

    3. Provide Value, Give Information

    Your article should be able to give people what they want, information. Make your website useful to them by posting what they want to know. Offer some helpful advice and link to other related articles to assure them that you know what you’re talking about. After engaging them in this area, you can start telling them of the benefits your product or service. This could be the start of a relationship.

    4. Be Friendly yet Persuasive

    You can draw your readers from the search engines by being friendly, intelligent and persuasive. Your opening paragraph, the one that bears your main keyword, is usually the one which describes your content in search engine results page.

    Providing your article with an engaging opening paragraph can catch the attention and interest of searchers. A persuasive statement would be too good for them to resist.


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