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    Sep 14 th, 2011
    Article Writing-Web Content Tips No Comments

    Simple Tips in Producing Great Articles

    The articles you write reflect your personality and knowledge.

    With the influx of fierce competition for attention in the internet, the need for high-quality, informative and engaging articles have become a must.

    The first thing to consider when writing articles is that you are writing for people, not machines. You should make your content rich with information and value because these are what people look out for in any content. But you also have to optimize your article to make it easier for search engines to find.

    Here are some tips in writing great articles:

    1. Tag Your Articles

    Tagging is most applicable in blog posts. You should tag your articles with keywords that your target audience uses in their search. This will help in making your articles seen by search engines. Use a keyword tool such as the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help you find the keywords that your target audience uses when they search on the web.

    2. Let Someone Rate your Article

    Just to be sure that your writing is up to par, ask someone to read them and ask him for his honest opinion about your written work. Don’t worry about criticism. You should take it as a way to make you better.

    3. Use the Right Words

    Use the right words to send your message across but avoid repeating them. Expressing your thoughts with the right words will make your reader understand what you mean without pondering for a moment to analyze what you wanted to say. Use a thesaurus to help find the appropriate words. This does not only improve the quality of your article, it also increases your vocabulary overtime.

    4. Use Text Reader

    A text reader is a software that converts any written text such as Microsoft Word, Webpage, PDF files and emails into spoken words. You can use text reader to ensure that your articles do sound good. If you want to know how your article sounds, copy and paste your article to a text reader and let the software read the article for you. Some text readers are free to download but most of them are sold at $30.

    5. Be clear

    The use of simple words that are easy to understand is one way of getting the interest of site visitors. Your articles should express your ideas clearly. If you use complex words to impress readers, you would only lose them in the process because they don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

    6. Proofread Your Articles

    Your articles should be at their best before you submit them. The best way to do this is to proofread them. Be in the mood to write when you want to produce an article and put your best effort on it. Your articles reflect your personality on the web. Submit your best to look good online and your target audience will take you seriously.


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