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    Oct 12 th, 2011
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    Simple Tips for Writing Persuasive Copy

    The ability to produce persuasive copies is one of the best assets a copywriter should have in order to capture the interest of readers and ultimately compel them to action.

    The first indication of a persuasive copy is its capability to engage your readers and make them read on until your message is fully read.

    Here are three simple steps for writing persuasive copy. These can help to capture reader interest when you make your sales presentation:

    1. Pay close attention to the beliefs of your intended market

    The beliefs or attitudes of every market are directly affected by time, events and situations. These things are most often the determining factors of people’s decisions or actions.

    One of the best approaches to engage your readers is to identify and focus on these beliefs and attitudes as these have a big tendency to capture your market’s attention.

    2. Address their aspirations

    You should be able to know your target audience very well so that you can touch on what motivates them to decide or act. Speaking about their aspirations will just capture their interest and relating to them the joys of fulfilling their dreams just fascinates them.

    By capitalizing on something which is already of great interest to your audience, you are actually capturing their attention. Your marketing message will come in handy at this point because you are speaking about something which your target market has a keen interest in.

    3. Touch upon their emotions

    When you touch people’s emotions, you are sure to get their attention in a subtle yet powerful way.

    Emotions connect people. If your copy is can dig deeper to engage on their emotions, you will be able to compel them to read even more.

    Emotions are trigger points which can compel a person to take a certain action. An effective copy is able to establish a connection with its readers’ emotions. It is able to create a desire to take action by addressing the reader’s concerns and not capitalizing on what you intend to sell to them. You wouldn’t have to worry about your product because it will just subtly come into the picture as the solution.


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