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    Aug 24 th, 2011
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    Simple Copywriting Secrets that Sell

    Article marketing has become a trend in the information age. It is also one of the cheapest ways of promoting a product, service of business, yet it has the capability to reach wide audience base where opportunities abound.

    But article marketing, particularly copywriting isn’t that easy, for you have to deal with a lot of challenges and comply to writing standards and procedures before you can see the results. And results don’t happen overnight.

    Copywriting is a promising profession, if you know how to write articles that sell. Selling is the main objective of copywriting and you should be able to discover the secrets of copywriting that prompts your reader to act and press the “Order Now” button.

    Here are some simple copywriting secrets that can help to convert your words into sales:

    1. Use emotional words

    Words that ignite the emotion like match to gasoline have the power to fire up your reader’s interest in your ad or sales copy. Words such as fascinating, amazing, magical or passionate are just a few of the words visions of gratification in your reader’s mind. You should take note that a person’s emotions are responsible for most of his decisions to make a purchase.

    2. Ask leading questions

    Leading questions that you have to answer yourself immediately can lead your reader to confirm what he already knows. Questions like “Do you want to take advantage of big discounts? Of course you do” is a typical example of a leading question. This is just another statement that will lead your reader to conclude that he can gain something beneficial from buying your product.

    3. Use alluring headlines

    You should take into consideration that the attention span of your reader is not forever. In fact, you only have a few seconds to catch his interest. Using alluring titles that capture your readers’ curiosity is one of the best ways to make him stay on to know read more. Even if you can write the greatest content, your ad or sales copy will be left unread if you can not provide it a title that captivates the reader’s mind and attention.

    4. Use well-researched keywords

    Well-researched keywords that catch the eye of search engine spiders can make a good combination with the emotional words that you use. Web users find your articles by typing keywords in the search box. When determining what keywords to use in your articles, try to put yourself in the shoes of an internet user and figure out what he would type in the search box if he’s looking for articles about your subject matter on the web.

    5. Practice makes perfect

    You might not get the best results in your first attempt, but it’s alright. Copywriting is a learned skill and learning has no limitations, just be determined to learn and increase your potentials to earn some more. Practice constantly. You can also hire a trainer or a coach to shorten your learning process.


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