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    Sep 30 th, 2011
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    Seven Important Things ‘About Us’ Page Should Have

    The ‘About Us’ page is an important part of a website which is often taken lightly by many webmasters and bloggers. Without realizing its crucial role, some webmasters simply put words of lesser significance on that page just to be able to fill up space.

    In the internet, you are actually dealing with complete strangers. This is the very reason why the ‘About Us’ page should not be neglected when you are building a website.

    The ‘About Us’ page is one of the first things that visitors are curious about when they plan to establish a relationship with a website. It is where you are given the chance impress your prospects. You should take advantage of your ‘About Us’ page and make it work on your favor.

    In order to make your ‘About Us’ page effective, here are seven items you need to consider:

    1. Your Brand Name

    This is imperative for all company websites, yet, there are still a lot of websites which do not bother to include their brand names in their ‘About Us’ page. It is important to let your audience have an idea how your company got its name. By letting your visitors know a bit of your story, you are actually beginning to establish a connection with them.

    2. Images

    Including images such as a company photo and pictures of your company’s key individuals in your ‘About Us’ page is a great way to add visual appeal. It is also one way of giving your customers a visual idea of who they are dealing with. This promotes trust. Visitors are more likely to become confident in transacting with an online business if they can see the faces of the people behind the website.

    3. Connect with visitors directly

    Connecting directly with your visitors in the first person is the best way to establish a connection with them. Don’t talk about your company as if it was another person. Use the first person in your introduction. This makes your presentation more personable and appealing.

    4. Address your prospects’ needs

    Your ‘About Us’ should emphasize the benefits that your brand can give to your prospects when they use your products. While the page is supposed to tell about you or your business, it should not fail to mention your purpose which is to offer solutions to the needs, requirements and concerns of your target audiences.

    5. Keep it up-to-date

    Even if the website’s ‘About Us’ page is mainly focused on your company’s history and business, it has to be updated every now and then. New company developments, recognitions and awards should be mentioned here. This is one way to impress your visitor and effectively sell your business.

    6. Use compelling language

    A compelling language is very important anywhere in the online marketing business. A poorly written ‘About Us’ page may just bore your visitors and give the impression that the rest of your content is just as boring. Use compelling language to entice your prospects and arouse their interest in your main content.

    7. Lead your visitors to their next destination

    It would be good to lead your visitors to the next step after they are finished with your ‘About Us’ page. To do this, you can place a call-to-action button on your ‘About Us’ page to guide your visitors to their next destination.


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