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    Apr 23 rd, 2012
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    SEO Facts You Need to Know and Understand

    Search engine optimization of websites is a job that most website owners and operators entrust to professionals, but after this is done, one of their most challenging tasks is to make their clients understand how the system operates.

    SEO has become a byword in the Internet industry. It is a strategy that is used by webmasters and content providers to enhance site visibility and increase its potential to generate traffic. It is not what a website is all about.

    Here are some facts about SEO that you must know. They can help you to understand some of the things that it cannot do.

    1. It doesn’t happen overnight.

    SEO is a strategy yet it is also a process that takes time to implement. When developing it, you can come across a lot of challenges which you can only counter with patience and will to wait.

    2. It cannot make you number one all the time.

    Like you, there are countless others who are using search engine optimization to improve their website rankings. Some of them are your competitors for your chosen keywords. This means that using it is not a guarantee that you will be number one for your keyword right here and now. You need to struggle to become number one, and you need to fight to stay in that position.

    3. Google is not your only source of traffic.

    Google is the biggest and most popular search engine today, but it is not the only source of traffic for your website. This means that in your research, you should also consider the search terms used in Yahoo or Bing for their potential to deliver traffic to your site.

    While strategic keywords bring you a lot of traffic, there are other SEO areas that you need to consider because they too can lead people to your site, and links are just one of them.

    4. Google does what it wants to do.

    All SEO systems and strategies are based on how Google operates. It can change its search engine rules anytime without warning and no SEO guru can do anything about it. It is important for SEO professionals to always be updated with search engine algorithms. It can help to make them work with the search engines to maintain their rankings.

    5. SEO is not an all-in-one package that can help to solve all your website problems.

    SEO is a method of optimizing your website’s exposure to human users and search engines. It cannot solve other problems like long access time or poor quality content. To come up with an efficient website, you have to evaluate the situation to see if there are other areas that need solutions outside of SEO.


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