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    Sep 14 th, 2011
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    Secrets of Writing Top Notch Articles

    In the area of article marketing, top notch articles have the greatest advantage.

    Top notch articles are the ones that are brief, informative, concise, and SEO optimized. These are the articles with the greatest potential to drive traffic.

    Here are some tips to make you rite top notch articles for your website or business:

    1. Think Before You Write

    The first thing to do to enable yourself to write an interesting article is to spend a few minutes to think about what you are going to write before you strike the first letter on your keyboard. This will give you time to conceive brilliant details about your topic. If you have extra information which is unique in the internet, that would do you a favor because it has a big chance of attracting visitors whose questions about your subject matter are hanging on the line. You might just be able to provide an answer to them.

    2. Do Research Work

    Great articles are based on well-researched information. You don’t have to rush to be able to write great articles. Take time instead to do research work. Take notes of important details of your research. After this, you would be ready to write your article.

    3. Deliver What You Promise

    People read your article because they find your title interesting in the first place. Take your readers to every paragraph of your work by engaging them to a sequence of ideas that deliver what you title promises. Be specific and factual, yet conversational and friendly in your tone. This way, you will gain trust from your readers and your credibility online will improve.

    4. Supply Accurate Facts

    Accurate and relevant facts provide value to your article. Use sub-headlines to emphasize important facts about your topic. One way to make your article easier to comprehend is to give your readers some “breathing space.” This can be done by dividing your article into sub-topics.

    Once you are done with your article, check and re-check it for errors until you can be sure that it is already flawless.

    5. Supply Headlines with Keywords

    Interesting headlines that are rich in popular, less-competed keywords makes your article easier for search engines to find. This will help to increase the traffic to your website as well as it gives you a chance to boost your revenue. Keywords are very important in the article marketing business. You should include them in your research.


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