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    Aug 22 nd, 2011
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    Search Engine Marketing Solutions worth Trying

    All websites want to land at the top of search engine results pages (SERP), but not all of them make it for a lot of reasons.

    One search engine marketing (SEM) solution that you can look into to quickly boost your ranking is the pay per click advertising. It involves the use of choice keywords which are relevant to your site or business and you bid for a position in the SERPs, but you have to pay for each instance someone clicks on your ad. This approach can give you quick results, but you have to back it up with a hefty budget.

    Here are some ways to boost your search engine visibility with less advertising costs:

    1. Take advantage of free keyword selection tools

    Choose the keywords which you feel are the best to represent your product or service online. Use the keywords selection tool to determine if people are actually typing those terms in the search box. By typing the keyword in the keyword tool search box, the keyword tool will generate a list of related keywords together with their daily search volumes and number of competing websites that use that keyword or key phrase.

    2. Choose Keywords with lower competition

    Search engine marketing measures keyword competition by the number of sites bidding for a specific keyword. You have to avoid these keywords; using them is like waging a hopeless battle against giants.

    In order to be seen by search engine spiders, choose relevant, highly targeted phrases instead. These are normally longer, but they have lower competition and cost.

    3. Vie for visibility not the top rank

    Getting the top spot in the search ranking is not always beneficial because users always check if your website content can provide the information they want. Vying for visibility would be enough, especially if you are confident that your content carries the value that users are looking for in a website.

    4. Your PPC ad should be clear and direct

    The real measure of a successful search engine marketing system is its conversion rate. Clear and direct PPC ad copies that tell potential customers what to expect from your site can lead serious potential customers to it.

    5. Create landing pages

    Creating landing pages is another way to minimize cost per click because it helps to avoid your potential customer from getting confused. Landing pages bear the details of the service or product that catches their interest. Having them will eliminate customer confusion which will lead to additional clicks which translates into additional cost for you.

    Search engine marketing was not targeted solely for large businesses. If online advertising is necessary for your product or site and your budget is limited, you still have the chance to get noticed by search engines. Try these simple cost-saving SEM approach.


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