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    Feb 9 th, 2012
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    Repurpose Your Articles in 3 Easy Ways

    A majority of bloggers and content providers write articles, submit them to article directories and publish them on their blogs and leave them there. They rely on the search engines to take care of those articles and make them continue to drive traffic or earn passive income.

    But there are other ways to make productive use of those articles. By repurposing your articles, you can revive their freshness, save a lot of research time and make your content get more mileage for your online marketing efforts.

    Here are three ways to repurpose your articles:

    1. Turn them into a mini ebook.

    Combine your articles on the same niche and organize it to produce a mini ebook and submit it to top ebook directories.

    2. Convert them into a PDF file and submit it to top document sharing sites.

    Compile your articles, organize them well and convert them into a PDF file with the use of word processing software like OpenOffice. After this, you can submit your document to top document sharing sites. To know what these sites are, you can search for these sites in Google using the key phrase “top doc sharing sites.”

    3. Turn your articles into videos.

    If you turn your articles into videos and submit them to video sharing sites such as YouTube, it can create a whole new opportunity for traffic for you.

    To turn your article into video, you can either read your article on a teleprompter by way of a laptop that you have to place behind your webcam. You can also use another program called Camstudio to read your article in front of a webcam. These will help to set your reading at the right pace and make you look and sound natural. Remember, viewers are turned off if they sense that people in the video are reading script.

    These are the most common ways to repurpose your articles. One added benefit of online article marketing is its capability to allow you to repurpose your articles to make them continue to bring you added traffic for years.


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