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    Sep 7 th, 2011
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    Proofreading Tips to Ensure Error Free Web Content

    Proofreading is a slow and methodical act of reading written work for the purpose of spotting spelling errors, typos or grammatical mistakes. These errors can be hard to detect if you do proofreading on your own work. For this reason, these simple proofreading tips were formulated.

    These might be able to help a lot to ensure that you will be providing useful, effective and error-free content.

    1. Give it space

    After writing the article, let it sleep on your desk for a night if possible, and read it again the following morning. It is good to detach yourself from your work right after you finished them because you need fresh eyes that would be able to spot your own mistakes. If you are trying to beat a deadline, you can at least try to take a break for a few minutes then come back to find the errors when you return to your work.

    2. Read it

    Read your article slowly and aloud. Read each word. Reading your article will give you a chance to put yourself in your reader’s frame of mind. Reading it aloud also gives you the chance to evaluate how your message will sound to your audience. It’s your opportunity to check for awkward sentences or phrases.

    3. Adopt a system

    Being systematic is the easiest way to accomplish any given task. Try to be systematic in your proofreading job by creating a checklist of the errors that you typically come across. That checklist is an important tool that you can use for spotting your own errors.

    4. Implement a multi-level approach

    You don’t have to rely on an all-in-one system of looking for errors. In order to really weed out every error in your article, try to scan your document several times, but you should only look for specific errors with each pass. Doing four passes to check for spelling, grammar, word usage and accuracy will prove to be very effective.

    5. Use a grammar and spelling checker but don’t let it do all the work for you

    Using a grammar and spelling checker software is good and fast but they’re some errors can get past them sometimes. When you use a grammar and spell checker, be sure to read, be sure to read your article that misused words such as homonyms don’t go undetected.


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