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    Project description:

    Looking for several keyword enriched articles for an online publication. I will likely choose 2 writers to start with 5 articles each. If the writing style fits then there is a definite possibility of ongoing work. Keywords will be provided upon selection.

    I am looking for savvy articles on a variety of subjects to be written specifically for individuals born 1946-1964. The topics will include human interest stories about individuals in this age demographic doing outrageous, daring and wild things including extreme sports, hobbies and the like. Only legal activities are acceptable.

    I will retain the copyrights to the work for all media upon payment. 2 of 5 articles if they meet approval will get writers by line other 3 will appear under pseudonym. The writing must be original no duplicates to be found elsewhere and articles must clear Copyscape or payment will not be made. Articles will be subject to final edit before publication all versions of which I will retain copyright to.

    In summary I am looking for articles: 250-350 words in length with punchy subheadings where possible, truth no fiction, include photo(s) (2 of 5 articles must include accompanying original photographs)

    The writing can be edgy and provocative but cannot include profanity or explicit sexuality. I am looking for a mix of third person, first person, action and humour.

    I want to feel at least a slight adrenaline rush when I read the pieces.
    I would like to see some samples of work prior to selection.
    Thank you in advance for your interest.

    Skills required:

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