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    Website Narrative Rewrite

    Website Narrative Rewrite

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    Project description:

    Friday June 29

    We are looking for a freelance writer specialized in writing sales and marketing documents. We require the person to rewrite five pages of a website, approximately 450 to 500 words in total.

    The website is for a professional private tutor of mathematics, business studies and study skills based in England. The audience consists mainly of parents from lower middle to middle class families looking for a local tutor to tutor their sons and daughters.

    The audience is likely to want to know about the background of the tutor, the subjects they can teach, the rates they charge per hour and how to contact the tutor. The purpose of the writing is to touch, move, and inspire, the readers to want to hire this particular tutor.

    In total, there are 450 to 500 words to be rewritten. Our budget for this work is US 75 dollars. Our payment terms are 30 per cent deposit and 70 per cent upon completion. The payment method should be via Ikobo or a similar money transfer company. The start date for this work is Monday July 09 and the deadline for completion is Monday July 16.

    We are looking for a writer from England, Canada, Australia or the USA, but are open to writers from other countries providing their first language is English. Interested parties should provide us with examples of their previous work, and their quotation for this work.

    Kind Regards,

    Gary James


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