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    Theses Writing

    Theses Writing

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    Project description:

    The writer must have a PHD in his or her field. I am seeking an American writer. Please submit a CV. This person should have served on thesis committees. Preferred area of study is in the Social Sciences. Academic integrity is a must.

    This person is being hired as a thesis coach and writer. This job will be to help me through the thesis writing process. I will write, and you will critique and help correct. You will also help construct an outline and each chapter of the thesis. This will be a collaborative work. I will do the writing and the writer I am seeking will critique and correct what I have written. This person will help me construct an outline and will assist in researching relevant and seminal articles for each point in the outline.

    This person will not be listed as an author in this work, but will be mentioned as a contributor. This person needs to be familiar with SPSS, and statistics. This person also should know that revisions are a part of this process. This project has to go through IRB, and then through a thesis committee. He or she agrees to work with me and to remain anonymous, aside from the citation mentioning his or her assistance. You agree that all work is the property of myself, and you agree to take no credit for, or to pursue subsequent work or articles based on, this project.

    Basically I am just looking for someone very familiar with this process. Again, I will be doing the bulk of the writing. You will serve as an on call coach, and writer. You will assist in research, and survey distribution. Again, I am looking for a coach, and assistant, not someone to write this project. I will produce the material. My main goal here is to learn from your expertise. You will also help with preparation for thesis defense.

    My time frame for a completed proposal is 1 1/2 weeks. With a completed product within 2 months, or less based on committee approval. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A FULL CONTENT WRITER. I NEED A COACH, PROOF READER, TEACHER, AND A RESEARCH ASSISTANT. Must be familiar with APA style.

    You must have a verifiable PHD or Masters Degree from a US institution, not a diploma mill. Please include your CV and teaching experience. Guidelines to protect my academic integrity will be followed. I am looking primarily to learn here so that I can replicate this process in the future.



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