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    The Biggest Loser Content

    The Biggest Loser Content

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    Project description:

    I am looking for a writer who is following US NBC Channel the biggest loser season 9. I need the writer to create content that attract user to read. You can get some idea from some of the most popular blog on similar topic but you have write your own. Each week, you need to post what is interesting about the biggest loser about that week and of course need to educated people to reduce weight promoting my product indirectly.

    Or you can have a conference with me every week to tell me what is interesting and then only write on the topic of that particular week of biggest loser.


    1. Writer must be from US only as this is US Reality TV from NBC
    2. Must be at least 85% unique
    3.The content must be clear concise and to written in an engaging way.
    4. Must be keyword oriented as well.
    5. Rewrite content must pass Copyscape and Plagiarism Detect for plagiarism.If an article you submit to me does not pass Copyscape or has spelling and punctuation mistakes, you will not be paid for that article until it is corrected and resubmitted to me for approval.
    6. All Copyrights must be given.
    7. Be submitted in text format
    8. Must be independent to find content and rewrite or come out with your own
    9. Must have good tracking of record of quality work.
    10. Must tell me where are you from when you bid on this and sample of your work.(include document before rewrite and after rewriting)

    Skills required:

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