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    Ten Shooting/Outdoors Articles

    Ten Shooting/Outdoors Articles

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    Project description:

    I need many writers to do this same project- please keep bidding, and I’ll accept many if all goes well!

    Wanted: I am looking for a gun nut, or someone with a love of the outdoor way of life to share some knowledge with the rest of the world. This project should be a joy for someone to write. We initially need 10 (or as many as possible after that) articles for our outdoor/hunting/camping/shooting website. The articles need to be written in a personable, informal tone that agrees with our type of customer.

    If you have never shot a gun or strung a bow, this is not your project.

    This is my first writerlance posting- I’ll answer any questions you might have.

    TYPE- Web Articles
    NEED- Original text
    OBJECTIVE- Provide information, promote our products
    LENGTH- ~500 words each
    EXPERTISE REQUIRED- gun, gun nut, firearms, outdoor, hunting, military, camping
    PROVIDED INFO- Topics that we want articles on
    TARGET AUDIENCE- outdoors, hunters, military, police, high-tech rednecks
    NUMBER OF REVISIONS- Until they are good! Not too many, we hope
    ADDITIONAL INFO- We need someone with a thorough knowledge of specific outdoor activities- related to hunting, camping, outdoor life, etc. that correlates to products we sell. We want 10 short articles that are very informative and interesting about the products we sell, or activities related to them. I want you to look at our site and try to infuse products (by SKU #) into the articles (we have 12,000 items, should not be too hard). After the articles are delivered to us in standard text format, we’ll add pictures and said references to our products within the articles.
    The articles can be about many different things, and the final 10 subjects will be decided by the author and me. Some ideas to start with could be:
    -the correct way to clean a gun
    -how to hunt xx animal and/or hunting techniques in general
    -hunting checklists
    -how to shoot black powder
    -how to reload bullets/shotshells
    -how to get started in shooting
    -choosing the right bullet for the right hunt
    -gun reviews
    -gun disassembly
    -non-traditional ways to use our products (a parachute for a dining cover, etc)

    We want something similar to these articles:

    Serious people please contact me, and we’ll finalize the subjects before writing starts. Writing examples are appreciated. We are a large reputable outdoors company HQ’d in Fort Worth. This is all to be done over the internet & email- you can write from anywhere!

    We need a large amount of articles fast-
    Thanks for looking, and I hope you can write for us!

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