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    Review 2 exercise products

    Review 2 exercise products

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    Project description:


    I’m Carl. I run a website for people who want to get six pack abs.

    I’m looking for a writer to write 5-6 honest product reviews and 2 long email series (for autoresponders).

    Before you get that job, you need to show me you can write well.

    So, you’ll write two honest exercise product reviews. Both will be 1,000 words long. 400 words on “what’s in it”, 400 words with your critique (did you like it or not, why you did or didn’t), and a final 200 words of summary, your personal recommendation (buy or don’t) and a 1-to-5 star rating along 5 characteristics (Ease of Use, Quality of Information, Quality of Design, Editing and Professionalism, Expertise, and Real World Usefulness). I will send you a review that’s already done, so you see what I mean.

    Products are No-Nonsense Bodybuilding by Vince Delmonte and The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary. I’ll buy them and give you access, free.

    Bid only if:

    – You’re a writer. If you write less than 2 hrs per day, don’t bid.
    – You exercise and you know about exercise. Formal credentials (university, ACSM, or NCSA) is best.
    – You have a portfolio and you wrote about fitness already.
    – You’ll do this for $100 (or less) per review–I’m looking for a good, motivated writer. If you charge a lot, tell me why.

    In your bid, include:

    – How many hours you write per day.
    – Name two authors who influenced your writting.
    – Samples or link to samples of:
    * A very good article you wrote.
    * An average article you wrote.
    * A bad article you wrote.

    I look forward to working with you. If you’re good, you’ll get a lot of work from me.


    -Carl J.

    Skills required:

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