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    Needed Ghost Writer Memoir

    Needed Ghost Writer Memoir

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    Looking for a Ghostwriter to write my college Memoirs. After being told by many people to write a book, I have decided to entertain the idea.In 1999, I graduated High School from a small town in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Since that time I have gone on to attend 10 different colleges. The list In chronological order is, Canada College ( Bay Area), University of Nevada Las Vegas, Kansas State, Loyola Chicago, University of Memphis, Boise State, then back to University of Memphis, AIU (TN), Southern Illinois, Motlow State (TN), and finally where I will be graduating from next fall The Ohio State University. It should be noted I’m not from a rich family or did I achieve good grades in high school. I have taken out student loans for almost every university I have attended and I never have taken an SAT or ACT. While my journey has been at times full of all the college stereo types of sex, drugs and alcohol, I don’t want it to be just about those college stereotypes. Almost all the colleges I attended I did so with out ever visiting campus or knowing a single person at these random transfers. I was capable of this because meeting people and going to new places is fascinating to me. In a time of everything being homogeneous, I thrive and make it a goal to find differences in people, cities. And that’s what I would really like the story to be about. The people I have met the cities and environments I’ve lived in my young life, especially for being socially aware at young age. I’ve inserted my self in many different racial, social, religious, and countless other random experiences. I feel I have set my self to have already experienced at the age of 25 what most will never do in their life.I would like to begin open dialogue with anyone who is interested. I can present a much better and impressive presentation verbally or any other format rather than a


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