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    Need article rewriting service

    Need article rewriting service

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    Project description:

    I am looking for someone who can occasionally write and/or rewrite original seo optimized articles. These articles must be written according to very stringent specs. Attention to detail is critical. These jobs will be ongoing but intermittent.

    As a test run I currently need 4 articles rewritten. They are each around 500-600 words in length. I’ve budgeted $2.50 per article, $10 total for this project.

    Each of these needs to be rewritten TWICE in the following manner (each of the two versions should be a completely fresh re-write according to these specs):

    1. The Title needs to be rewritten, but must still capture or describe the theme of the article in as engaging or interesting way as possible.

    2. Each paragraph needs to be reworded. The number of words and sentences in the paragraph may change. The overall content and meaning of the paragraph must remain the same.

    3. The number of paragraphs must NOT change. i.e. if the article starts with 8 paragraphs it must end up with 8 paragraphs, and each of those paragraphs should still say the same thing as the original article, but just using different words. Any subheadings that are a single line should be rewritten, and should remain as a single line. Make sure you don’t accidentally combine two paragraphs into one.

    4. If the article has bullet points or lists, then each line of the list should be reworded, but the number of points or lines must remain the same.

    5. The style of bullet or numbering must remain the same, e.g. do not change “1)” to “1.” Do NOT use any special Word or non-ASCII characters as bullets.

    6. Bullets/lists must have a blank line between each point.

    7. The articles are to be delivered via email in a zip file.
    Each article will have the name business-5a.txt, business-6a.txt etc. the articles you do should have the same file name but changing the “a” to “b” and “c” as in: business-5b.txt and business-5c.txt

    8. Articles are to be formated as follows:

    Title on top line.
    Empty line.
    Paragraph1 followed by empty line,
    Paragraph2 followed by empty line, etc.

    They are to be supplied in TXT (ie Notepad) format.

    9. Articles are “work for hire” ghostwriting, and no credit to original author will be given once we have paid our account.

    10. Full payment will be made on completion of the project to satifactory standard. We do not engage in partial payment up-front or any other such terms.

    Skills required:

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