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    Looking for a great writer

    Looking for a great writer

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    Project description:

    Hello guys. I am seeking for a good, honest and long-term writer. I NEED the writer to have some knowledge of the online casino/online gambling world. I am opening a casino related site and I will need someone to handle all the content of the site websites reviews, articles, news, how to play casino online, tips & tricks etc anything that I will need to be written. 1st of all I will need a lot of content for start for the site and then I will need weekly content. I am willing to pay 1$ per 100 words. In no way I want something copied – because if I find any copyrighted text you will be fired, SL will get to know about it and I will also report you to the site from where you copied it – so don’t play such games with me because you will burn yourself. I am a very nice guy to work with if the person that is working for me knows exactly what it states … so if you state now that you know the casino/online gambling world and I find that you don’t then again you will burn yourself. So as a conclusion : I don’t need a top casino player or something like this. But I NEED someone who knows quite a few things about the online casino world. The right person need very good writing skills and an excellent english ( because I will trust 100% you for the content ). We will start with a project let’s say for 5000 words so 50$ and once we finish it we will move on to other things again and again. So bid with 50$ and send me a board message with an article related to the casino world and a few words about you ( some dates about you and why you would be the perfect man to do this ). As a reminder I want a honest PERSON and not a team. All the bids that are not of 50$ or do not have a message like I stated above will be ignored.

    Looking forward to finding the best writer.




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