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    Ghost Writer Needed

    Ghost Writer Needed

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    Project description:

    Serious Ghost Writer Needed
    Ghost Writer needed to do a Black Middle Class novel,and/or Urban drama novel and/or screenplay adaptation to novel. The last and the easiest one is the Almanac! There are 4 different writing projects.

    Writer must have a degree in Creative Writing or a degree of egual concentration. Black Middle Class novel needs the last 8 chapters to be completed. GW will have an outline for the last 8 chapters. The GW will also have to rewrite the 1st 1-12 chapters of Black Middle Class Drama. Writer must understand what it means to be a GW and have a good attitude. GW Must be able to do task quickly and efficiently. Turn around time for this project is 2 months! Writer must be able to meet one day out of 7-9 days with author to go over what has been done and to talk about what needs to be added or changed.

    Once your resume is reviewed and you are a chosen as a potential candidate, you will have to produce a sample of your own writing for us to review. The sample must be in a novel format and must be 5-8 pages. Ideally, your sample should reflect the genre which we are seeking. If your work is sought, then you will meet the author and go over payment, contractual agreement, etc. Payment is from $3,000.00-$7,000.00. You will be paid in this format… $500 for executed agreement and the completion of 1-4chapters, 17% 5-8 chapters completed, 27.5% for chapters 8-14 and the remaining 55.5% is due for the completion of chapters 15-22.

    Ghost Writer must sign a confidentiality agreement, complete a W-9 form, produce a valid driver license, social security card (which will be copied), and their references and educational experience will be checked.

    You must email your resume within the body of your email. Do not send your sample of work unless requested. Attachments will not be opened and hyper links will not be viewed! Your email will be deleted. Please follow instructions. Good luck!


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